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Swarms Park Franchise

A Unique and Innovative Concept:

Swarms Park offers you complete immersion in the virtual reality universe. Discover "Swarms", an unparalleled VR experience that comes in two captivating versions: the "Story" version for a deep narrative adventure and the "Horde Mode" version for a thrilling survival challenge. Immerse your customers in a world where every action creates a unique and memorable experience.


The story of Swarms Park begins with the ambitious Virtual Park, Europe's largest virtual reality park located in Mouscron. Founded by the Verbaert brothers, Virtual Park has opened a new world of possibilities in the VR industry, offering unique immersive experiences.


Despite the closure due to the health crisis, the spirit of innovation has never weakened. The lessons learned and technologies developed during this time have paved the way for Swarms Park: a concentrated experience, delivering the best of VR through the captivating Swarms game.


Swarms Park embodies its founders' vision to push the boundaries of what is possible in the virtual reality industry, focusing on a deep immersive experience centered around a unique license.


Our values

At the house of Swarms Park, our mission is clear:

revolutionize the entertainment industry by harnessing the full potential of immersive technology. We aim to deliver virtual reality experiences that not only entertain but also expand the horizons of our visitors' imagination. In collaboration with innovative partners such asFishing Cactus, we are proud to presentSwarms Hive Awakening, a game that defines a new era for location-based entertainment (LBE).

Our vision extends beyond simple entertainment. We aspire to become the global leader in LBE, constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the world of virtual reality. At Swarms Park, innovation is not just a goal ; it's the way we operate.We are committed to continually improving the user experience, ensuring that every visitor has unforgettable moments and comes back for more adventures.

Jean-Louis Verbaert


Your profile :

We are looking for entrepreneurs who are passionate about technology and entertainment, ready to immerse themselves in the world of virtual reality.

Immerse yourself in the Universe of Virtual Reality

Why choose Swarms Park?

Cubes suspendus

Investment and Profitability

  • Initial flat rate fee: €25,000, due once per franchisee.

  • Launch support fee: €25,000 for your first franchise, and €12,500 for subsequent franchises under certain conditions.

  • Assistance, communication and advertising royalties (including the Swarms license): 8% of turnover.

  • Space required: A minimum of 450 m² is required to open a Swarms Park center.

  • KING :Profitable A1 return on investment A3

  • Investment : between 150 and 200 k€

Exclusive franchisee benefits

Groupe de soutien


Exclusive Content in Swarms Hive Awakening

As Swarms Park franchisees,you will benefit from privileged access to exclusive content in the game Swarms Hive Awakening, a distinctive advantage that differentiates franchise centers from other VR license holders.

This exclusive content reinforces Swarms Park's appeal as a premier destination for RV enthusiasts, providing significant added value and competitive advantage in the market. By joining the Swarms Park family, you not only benefit from a strong brand and comprehensive support, but also a truly unique and constantly enriched gaming experience.


Project “Pingu”

Revolutionizing interaction in the VR space,Project Pingu introduces an innovative vortex cannon, capable of generating controlled airflows to simulate realistic physical sensations.

This technology enriches the gaming experience by adding an unprecedented tactile dimension, thus increasing players' immersion in the Swarms universe.


Thanks to an ecological and energy-efficient approach, Project Pingu not only pushes the limits of VR immersion but does so responsibly​​.


Project "Salt"

Inspired by advanced research,this module offers an incomparable sensory immersion by simulating sensations of hot, cold, and potentially odors, directly integrated into the VR headset.


The Salt Project uses compounds like capsaicin for hot and eucalyptol for cold, activating the trigeminal nerve for a truly revolutionary experience. This innovation opens new avenues for full sensory engagement in the Swarms game, promising to redefine the standards of VR immersion.


Swarms Park infrastructure

Breathtaking virtual reality

Illustrative image Swarms Hive Awakening

Swarms Hive Awakening

Become the hero of your own story

2-8p coop

Illustrative image of Horde mode

Swarms Horde Mode

Face the horde and try to survive

2-4p co-op

Aide aux projets de groupe

Investment and Profitability:

  • Initial flat rate fee: €25,000, due once per franchisee.

  • Launch support fee:€25,000 for your first franchise, and €12,500 for subsequent franchises under certain conditions.

  • Assistance, communication and advertising fees: 8% of turnover, calculated as 8% of the public price of the most played sessions multiplied by the number of sessions played.

  • Space required: A minimum of 250 m² is required to open a Swarmspark center.

Swarms Park Franchisee Journey

1. Submission of the Initial Request:

First of all, send us an initial request including a brief business plan, a small market study, as well as information about a potential site or other relevant documents that you find useful.

2. Discovery and Awareness:

After reviewing your request, participate in a discovery session to experience Swarms Park and understand the value of our offer.

3. Initial meeting:

After your discovery session, meet our team to discuss your ambitions, your project and your questions. This is an opportunity to discuss and better understand the Swarms Park model.

4. Delivery of Documents:

Following our first meeting, we will provide you with a standard business plan, as well as other essential documents to guide you in implementing your project.

5. Training and Learning:

Join our training center for a complete immersion in the technical, commercial and managerial aspects of managing a Swarms Park center.

6. Search and Site Selection:

With the help of our team, identify and select the ideal site for your center. We will guide you in evaluating potential locations and the essential criteria to consider.

7. Installation and Setup:

Once the site has been chosen, our team will assist you in installing the equipment, decorating and setting up your center to guarantee a successful opening.

8. Launch and Opening:

Celebrate the opening of your Swarms Park center with a grand opening. Take advantage of our marketing tools to promote your center and attract your first customers.

9. Ongoing Support:

Even after opening, our team remains at your side. Benefit from ongoing support in marketing, management and technology updates to ensure the continued success of your center.

10. Evolution and Growth:

As a member of the Swarms Park family, you will have access to our latest innovations and updates. Together, we will work to evolve your center and meet the changing needs of the market.

Join the Swarms Park Adventure!

The Swarms Park franchise is a unique opportunity to enter a growing sector. If you are ready to be part of this revolution, contact us to learn more.

Behind the project

A group of renowned businesses are coming together to launch a new franchise initiative, marking a significant milestone in their expansion and commitment to entrepreneurship.

The Fishing Cactus Mons logo

Fishing Cactus

Fishing Cactus, video game studio based in Mons, Belgium, creative and innovative in the gaming industry.

The Virtual Park logo

Virtual Park

Virtual Park: Expert in extended reality, VR franchise, XR consulting, and immersive technologies.

The Swarms Entertainment logo

Swarms Entertainment

Swarms Entertainment: Creates immersive and innovative cooperative VR games for entertainment centers.

Contact us

Virtual Park S.A.

Bengali Street 4

7700 Mouscron


VAT: BE0668492811

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