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Your Birthday in VR

Celebrate an Unforgettable Birthday at Swarms Park


Ready to blow out the candles?

Look no further for the perfect venue for your next birthday party. Contact Swarms Park today and let us help you plan a celebration that will exceed all your expectations. It's time to make a wish and see it come true in the wonderful world of virtual reality.

A Birthday beyond the Imagination

Mark this special year with an out-of-this-world birthday celebration at Swarms Park. Treat yourself or a loved one to a virtual reality adventure that will transport guests to extraordinary worlds, far from traditional celebrations. Experience magical moments, filled with laughter, wonder and adventure.

Personalize Your Party

Every birthday is unique, and we are here to help you personalize your event. With a range of VR activities, immersive settings and catering options, we can tailor the party to your specific wishes and needs to create a bespoke celebration.


Swarms Park infrastructure

Breathtaking virtual reality

Illustrative image Swarms Hive Awakening

Swarms Hive Awakening

Become the hero of your own story

2-8p coop

Illustrative image of Horde mode

Swarms Horde Mode

Face the horde and try to survive

2-4p co-op

Personalize every moment: request a quote for your event today!

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Immerse yourself in Mesmerizing Experiences

Our VR games, accessible from the age of 7, immerse guests in thrilling adventures. Choose between "Story Mode", for gripping narrative exploration, and "Horde Mode", where teamwork and strategy are essential to survive together. These experiences guarantee not only entertainment, but also an unforgettable bonding moment for friends and family.

Immortal Memories in Virtual Worlds

Capture joy and smiles with immortal memories in our virtual worlds. Each photo taken at Swarms Park will recall the magical moments experienced and the adventures shared, making this birthday unique and indelible in memories.

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