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The Swarms Warrior

Swarms Park infrastructure

Breathtaking virtual reality

Illustrative image Swarms Hive Awakening

Swarms Hive Awakening

Become the hero of your own story

2-8p coop

Illustrative image of Horde mode

Swarms Horde Mode

Face the horde and try to survive

2-4p co-op

The heroes of Swarms
Swarms Hive Awakening
The Swarms Hive Awakening license logo

Swarms Hive Awakening

2 to 8 player cooperative scripted VR experience


Corigis-B12: Echoes of Silence

Embark on a thrilling adventure as you discover the warp technology that opened a portal to Hornest, unleashing terrifying creatures.


You and your elite team are the last line of defense in Corigis-B12, fighting to contain this invasion.


Facing the unknown and relentless enemies, your mission is crucial to the future of humanity.


This challenge tests your courage and strategy. Are you ready to face this danger and save the world?

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Exploring warp technology.


Confrontation with the monsters of Hornest.


Objective: stop the invasion.


Importance of strategy.


Mission to save humanity.

Swarms Horde Mode
The Swarms Horde Mode license logo

Swarms Horde Mode

Cooperative 2-4 player survival VR experience

Corigis-B12: Last Bastion

Dive into the heart of Corigis-B12 for an exhilarating gaming experience in Horde mode.


Join the ranks of the Cleaners, challenging endless waves of alien enemies.Each level passed tests your ability to collaborate, strategize, and persevere.


Prepare for an adventure where each victory strengthens the bond between teammates, in an epic fight for survival.


Challenge yourself: show your bravery and become legendary heroes of Corigis-B12.



Resistance against waves of enemies.


Key collaboration and tactics.


Player endurance test.


Difficulty that intensifies.


Becoming heroes despite adversity.

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